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I apologize my friends for being pretty quiet recently. Life has gotten in the way of spending time working on my passion. If you have read any of my early blog posts or my “About Me” section here on the blog, you know that like many of you my life can get pretty hectic. I have been living as a single mom for about 10 years now and working in a demanding and stressful industry that requires about 50 hours a week. That is time-consuming enough; add in enrolling in nutrition school, starting this blog and maintaining my Crossfit habit. Yikes! Sometimes the stress levels hit a fever pitch and I need to slow down a bit. However right now that seems impossible especially now that my house is under construction and I’m happily engaged and planning a new phase in my life. Phew! I’m tired! Like…..all the time.

All this has sort of sucked the motivation to write a pithy and thought-provoking blog post right out of me. Today is the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and I have this unexpected few hours of free time on my hands. What I really want to do is take a nap. However, I read a quote on Facebook the other day that rang true to me and I try to remember it when I am feeling unmotivated. That quote is, “The definition of commitment is doing what you said you were going to do long after the mood in which you said it passes” Or something like that. 🙂

I don’t know about you but that happens to me all the time! I will be driving during the day or thinking quietly to myself at night before bed and I make a decision to do or start (fill in the blank here). Then when the next day rolls around and life gets in the way, those good intentions get derailed. I believe this happens to all of us.

So the question is how to overcome this tendency to let my current life get in the way of the life I really want to lead? Clearly, I don’t have the answer to this confounding question. My goal this year is to get a little closer to figuring it out. You see, stress is to me as Kryptonite is to Superman.  And currently my life is too stressful. Stress weakens me in every way; physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  When I have taken on too much (which seems like a constant state of affairs for me) stress builds up, my immune system suffers and my adrenal glands weaken. I get everything from headaches, insomnia, trouble focusing, foggy brain, and constant fatigue. I feel exhausted all the time, irritable and a little weepy. Yet, I soldier on as though there is no other choice. SNAP OUT OF IT, LAURA!!! Of course there is another choice. There are undoubtedly many choices. I just need to find the right one for me and run with it. This is how I started Paleo and have been able to stick with it. So why can’t I seem to apply this to the rest of my life?

Many people have expressed how they wish to give Paleo a try, but they just don’t think they can do it. It seems too hard. It doesn’t fit their lifestyle. They don’t think they can live without whichever non-Paleo food they cherish. These are all just excuses of course. Paleo is not hard, not really. It’s their lifestyle that has led them to feel crappy in the first place, so it needs to change a bit anyway. And as long as the cherished food doesn’t cause any severe consequences, indulging on occasion can actually help keep them on the straight and narrow for the long-term. I know all this, I coach others into understanding all this. When it comes to my food choices, this part is easy for me but only because I decided I had another choice. The Standard American Diet was making me sick and I made an active choice to eat another way.

Once I turned that corner and started trouble shooting areas of my life that make Paleo inconvenient, it became very easy. All it takes is a commitment to the choice you make. Commitment to that choice doesn’t have to mean there is never a compromise. For example some Paleo folks still eat dairy, they just choose the healthiest and least processed dairy options possible. Others adhere to the 80/20 rule. Allowing themselves 2 “less-than-Paleo” meals out of 10 makes keeping 8 out of 10 meals Paleo pretty easy.

There is always a choice. So my goal is this. When my current life gets in the way of living the life I want to live, I will stop for a few minutes and take stock of my choices. Which choice gets me closer to the life I want to live? Is my current path taking me farther from it? Is there a compromise I can make that allows me to take a step closer to the life I want without totally blowing up my life right now and hurting myself or my loved ones along the way? Another great question is just how important is this (fill in the blank) to my current obligations and/or to what I want most?  I will stop letting my current life get in the way, instead I will get in the way of it and begin to change course. I must take control on my life rather than letting my life control me.

Friends, all of these questions and notions apply to making the transition to Paleo. The questions above will help make eating Paleo so much easier. These questions certainly helped me. Is this food choice making me more healthy or less healthy? Is it taking me toward my health goal or away from it? Is there a compromise I can make to appease my craving without totally veering off course? Can I stop letting my craving or my lifestyle control my health and start controlling my craving by taking control of my food choices? One thing I will promise you is that eating Paleo completely changes your tastes and your cravings. Suddenly apples and berries begin to satisfy the sweet tooth when they never did before.

If I could apply these principles and questions to changing my diet years ago, I know I can do the same with other lifestyle choices that are making me less healthy and less happy as well. It is my commitment to myself this year. Wanna join me? Wanna make this the year you finally go Paleo? Or the year you finally start that garden? Or the year you finally rid yourself of that unhealthy relationship? Let’s do it. Let stop letting life get in the way and start living the life we want.


Until Next Time!


~ Laura, MGP


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  1. alicia says:

    Love you Mom Gone Paleo! So nice to read a new post! Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Cherie says:

    We can all relate to your article in one way or another Laura! I know you’ll figure it out. Now go enjoy your down time today or just take a nap, lol! Happy Memorial Day!

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