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Every day, literally every day, the way I choose to eat comes up in conversation. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that because I eat out with colleagues and clients on a daily basis. I end up asking lots of questions about how things are prepared. I ask to have my food cooked in either butter or olive oil only. I ask what the salad dressing is made of, whether there is flour used on the sautéed or pan seared meat and whether the salmon is wild caught or farmed. As you can imagine, to those who don’t already know about my Paleo life this begs a few questions.

Given how passionate I am about advocating positive healthy change in this world, I am happy to answer any questions asked. More often than not I find most people have never heard of the Paleo diet whether it is called Paleo, Primal, Caveman, Hunter Gatherer, etc. The facial expression is skeptical and a common observation is that this sounds like the next “New” fad diet. “Let’s see if you’re still on this diet in a year from now. It sounds very hard and very limiting.” To which I respond:

First, this is not a diet. It is just how I choose to eat, and by the way, I have been eating this way for almost 3 years. In my opinion it is easy and limitless.

Second, and this is where I get on my soap box, this is not a NEW diet! This is the ORIGINAL human diet. This is literally the oldest way of eating known to man.

Animal Foods are not new to the human body, neither are vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts or seeds! These are all foods we can trace back to our earliest human environment. We are talking about foods we have been eating for almost 2 million years as early humans began to emerge throughout nature and certainly for over 200 thousand years as the first Homo Sapiens emerged.

What is new to the human diet? Grains. Dairy. Legumes. All these foods have been touted as health foods certainly for as long as I can remember. Yet they are relatively new to the human diet. It wasn’t until about 10 thousand years ago that these foods were available for human consumption. It was the dawn of the agricultural revolution that made these food sources abundant. In the case of grains and legumes, it was also this time that we learned to process them in order for humans to even be able to consume them let alone digest them. 10 thousand years is not long enough by evolutionary standards for the majority of the population to adapt to these foods being a viable nutritional source let alone the majority of our caloric intake like it is for so many of us today.

What’s REALLY new to the human diet? Processed foods, genetically modified foods, most seed and some vegetable oils, highly sweetened foods, artificial flavors, additives and preservatives. The crazy thing is that these are the unhealthiest, disease-causing foods available to man and they are by far the most highly consumed foods in our culture. It’s no coincidence that they are also the foods whose ingredients are the most highly subsidized by our government. Now, I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t want to get lost on a tangent. So, I’ll leave that tangent for another post.

The bottom line here is that the Paleo diet is not really a diet by the modern definition. It is merely a way of eating. It is not new! And it is not a fad! With the flexibility to tailor your macronutrient and micronutrient ratios while still remaining true to Paleo’s fundamental principles, this lifestyle really is the easiest way to eat and live that I have ever found. The fact that I’m in the best shape of my life, have a ton of energy, sleep better than ever, get sick less often and maintain an all around better mood makes this Paleo life the only life I want to lead.

So here’s my question for those still skeptical. What do you have to lose by giving it a try? A little bit of that stubborn weight you’ve struggled with? Lose the ability to complain about being tired and feeling like crap? Lose the excuse to not exercise because you just don’t have the energy? Give it 30 days. You owe it to yourself to know what it feels like to look and feel awesome don’t you? Of course you do, let’s go find your Paleo life.


Until Next Time,


~ Laura, MGP

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