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  • 1. I feel awesome! That’s a relative term of course. I think many people don’t realize how crummy they feel until they experience awesome! 
  • 2. I have more energy and do not need to drink caffeine anymore. I got to the point that I was exhausted all the time and needed caffeine to get my ass going and also in the afternoon to keep going, then I had trouble sleeping because of the caffeine. Talk about a vicious cycle!
  • 3. I never count calories. I don’t have to count anything! I don’t eat starch or much sugar so carbs don’t matter. I can eat all the fat I want (honestly there is only so much you can eat at one time anyway) I actually end up eating less on accident because fat and protein fill me up and keep me fuller longer. 
  • 4. Keeping weight off is a breeze! I’m not eating much sugar or starch so I don’t gain weight. Fat doesn’t make you fat my friends, sugar does!!!
  • 5. I don’t have to workout like a crazy person anymore because I don’t eat the foods that cause fat storage and weight gain. I work out to stay fit and strong. Not just to keep weight off anymore. Instead of working out almost everyday like in the past (I know….I was a bit of a maniac about it), I fit it in 3-4 days a week. I still keep weight off and I’m actually stronger! 
  • 6. I spend less on food. Even though I spend more on better quality meats and produce. I am spending much less money on the CRAP. ( see my post “what is Paleo anyway, Laura?” for a definition of crap)
  • 7. I sleep better. This is still something I struggle with but it is episodic instead of chronic. I used to have insomnia. I had a hard time falling asleep and when I did I often woke up at 3 or 4 am for some reason. I started taking a Melatonin tablet which is a natural supplement. And that worked…..until it didn’t. I finally resorted to sleeping pills from time to time because trying to go to sleep was causing me added stress. Ugh! 
  • 8. I am far less anxious. Oh, the stress and anxiety of a single parent…… I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I developed pretty severe adrenal fatigue from the extraordinary stress of my life as a single parent working 50 hours a week and raising 2 kids who both play sports. (see my post, “Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?”) Add on trying to stay in shape and have a personal life. At some point something snaps! For me it was not only my health but my psyche. I had anxiety attacks. I gave anti-anxiety meds a try but I HATED the way they made me feel. I knew there had to be a better way. I found it!
  • 9. I feel less stressed out as a whole. I’m not sure why this is since my lifestyle hasn’t changed much. I am working on stress management skills. I believe that since my body no longer has to cope with the stress of the inflammation grains and dairy were causing, my adrenal glands can help me cope with the outside stressors better. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely feel stressed out sometimes. But it’s not all day, every day anymore and I can handle it better
  • 10. I discovered this tremendous Paleo community that totally gets it! People who understand not only how great I feel now but some who understand what I was going through before. And it’s growing! More and more people are tired of feeling like crap and looking like crap and looking for a better way. Let’s get rid of the Crap!!
Until Next Time,
~ Laura, Mom Gone Paleo
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  1. Patricia Puglisi says:

    Have to be blunt here – Darling, you never looked like crap! However, I do understand, that you thought you looked like crap. As your Mom, I am truly delighted that you found a pathway that works so well for you. I think it would work very well for a great many highly stressed, over stressed people. However, you still haven’t served me a bread that I wouldn’t use as a substitute for a brick. Love you to pieces cutie. Great new look.

    Love Mom

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