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I’m pissed off. Below is a short list of the 4 things I find the most frustrating about the nutritional and overall wellness system we poor American schmucks are privileged to be stuck with. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am very aware that many countries are far worse off than we in many ways, but what makes me angry is that our healthfulness and happiness can be so much greater!  The potential is awe-inspiring. What’s even more is that the greatness that Americans produce often influences those outside of our borders. Unfortunately, one less-than-awesome example is the standard american diet (or SAD for short). Not only have we managed to make ourselves fat and sick, our diet has made other unsuspecting folks fat and sick as well. Below are what I think are the 4 big ones and more importantly what I’m doing about it. My question for you, is what are you doing about it?


4. The over abundance of bad science, bad advice and misinformation.


Good lord it is bad out there!!  How is anyone supposed to really know what is healthy and what is not these days? You can’t trust most traditional medical doctors. Most docs have no nutritional training at all! Isn’t that crazy??!! With the exception of one nutrition class throughout their entire education, most medical doctors have no real nutritional knowledge what so ever. What advice they usually give is based on the USDA and ADA guidelines which have been proven to be incorrect for just about all of us.

The low-fat, whole-grain diet that has been revered for decades has been an abject failure, and not because we are not following the advice. On the contrary, the amount of low-fat whole grain foods being purchased is astounding! The problem is that fat doesn’t make us fat and sick. What does? Sugar, starch, trans-fats and toxins both natural and artificial make us fat a sick. You don’t need to starve yourself, exercise yourself until you’re exhausted and take stimulants to lose weight. You need to eat more broccoli!! Add in a grass-fed steak and good clean water and poof! Weight problem and many health problems are gone.


What am I doing about it! You’re reading it now! Through MomGonePaleo.com I am doing my best to encourage people to at least do the basics.  Toss out the processed crap. Stick to real whole foods. Drastically lower the sugar and improve your lifestyle. That advice needs to be screamed from the mountaintops!! Until this happens in a meaningful way, the downward health spiral our country is in WILL NOT improve. PERIOD. A processed protein bar is not a whole natural food no matter what the label says or what store you bought it in.  Neither is whole grain bread or low-fat milk for that matter.  Do your OWN research and question every message for its agenda. Who is the messenger? What does he, she or it have to gain by spreading that message? Is there an opposing opinion? And most of all, what is YOUR body telling you. If a low-fat high grain diet sounds sensible but you still feel crappy, I don’t care what the ADA says, they’re wrong!!


3. The obvious and grotesque conflicts of interest at the USDA and FDA.


If this problem wasn’t so big and so damaging on a national scale it would almost be funny….almost. The people making decisions, building recommended guidelines and constructing the format for our public school lunches are influenced by people with direct ties to the companies uniquely positioned to benefit from a government subsidy and government sanctioned nutritional guidelines. Some examples of this according to an article from SmartPublicantion.com  (Sorry to pick on Monsanto but they make it so easy!):

  • Margaret Miller, the former chemical laboratory supervisor for Monsanto, now Deputy Director of Human Food Safety and Consultative Services, New Animal Drug Evaluation Office, Center for Veterinary Medicine in the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).56
  • Michael Taylor, former legal advisor to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Bureau of Medical Devices and Bureau of Foods, later executive assistant to the Commissioner of the FDA,…still later a partner at the law firm of King & Spaulding where he supervised a nine-lawyer group whose clients included Monsanto Agricultural Company, … still later Deputy Commissioner for Policy at the United States Food and Drug Administration, … and later with the law firm of King & Spaulding … now head of the Washington, D.C. office of Monsanto Corporation.56
  • Clarence Thomas was Monsanto’s lawyer prior to being the Supreme Court Judge who put G.W. in office,
  • Anne Veneman, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto’s Calgene Corporation.
  • Donald Rumsfeld, once the Secretary of Defense was on the Board of Directors of Monsanto’s Searle pharmaceuticals
  • Tommy Thompson once the U.S. Secretary of Health received $50,000 in donations from Monsanto during his winning campaign for Wisconsin’s governor.
  • The two congressmen receiving the most donations from Monsanto during the last election were Larry Combest (Chairman of the House Agricultural Committee) and Attorney General John Ashcroft. (Source: Dairy Education Board)

 It’s disturbing really. So what am I doing about it?

  • I am trying to make as many people aware of this as I possibly can.
  • I REFUSE to purchase processed food if at all avoidable.
  • I choose to buy organic and/or locally raised food.
  • I look for alternative methods to heal myself rather than treating my symptoms with drugs and more chemicals.
  • I chose to not only speak with my words but also with my money. Unfortunately money speaks louder. 🙁


2. The outrageous difference in the cost of organic, unadulterated, non-GMO, antibiotic and steroid free, natural, whole food (otherwise known as food) as compared to the contaminated, mistreated, poorly raised, and processed stuff (otherwise known as crap) that is marketed as food to the American people.

It really, really pisses me off that I have to spend (in some cases) twice as much for proper, nutritious food to feed my family. It is completely ridiculous that a normal honey crisp apple should cost me $1.00 but an organic honey crisp apple costs $1.99 and worse, that a McDonald’s hamburger is now on the dollar menu! It costs half as much to eat a mass-produced burger that includes beef raised and transported from godknows-where, a processed gluten ridden bun that for some reason is made with both soy and corn, possibly topped with some vague nod to American cheese, ketchup hopefully made from tomatoes, and pickle. All of which needs to be grown, picked, shipped, processed, cooked and packaged. All for $1.00. But somehow, a simple apple grown naturally on a tree without added pesticides or chemical fertilizers costs twice that. Hmmmmm…..I know baffling and infuriating. Once again it is the government subsidies designed to make sure there is enough cheap food available so no one has to go hungry that is the culprit. A noble cause for sure, unfortunately it isn’t working.  I WANT THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF MY FOOD SUPPLY!!

What am I doing about it? I buy less (if any) crap making room for real food, but I find I end up buying less food in general. Close to 50% of the food supply in the US ends up never being eaten and going bad. (According to the makers of Food Inc.) I have actually found this to be true in my own home. I end up throwing out so much food I feel guilty. I am really trying to buy only the food I need. I shop more often during the week for just a few days thus reducing the amount of food that goes to waste. Don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal of Costco for things like toilet paper and olive oil, but do you really need the industrial size vat of potato salad?


1. The utter lack of responsibility so many people have for our own health.

Don’t get me wrong. I hear people complain about their weight, or chronic headaches, or other types of inflammation like skin problems, digestive problems, allergies, inability to focus, anxiety, chronic stress and depression. It’s awful. Especially when you feel lost, and completely bewildered as to what to do about it. It obviously bothers them and most will certainly seek help if it gets bad enough yet when getting better (truly healing not just masking the symptoms) takes real lifestyle changes, they balk.

Just not knowing what to do is something I can understand, (I have certainly been there) but knowing what to do and choosing not to do it is completely alien to me. Knowing what to do, choosing not to do it and still complaining about it (conditions often reversible if these changes are made) is even more bewildering. I just don’t get it. It is something I should probably learn to understand, meaning the psyche of those who know what to do yet choose not to. However, I find trying to reach these people exhausting, frustrating and a little bit heartbreaking.

 So, what am I doing about it? I am choosing to spend my time, energy and support on those willing to do. It makes more sense to me to use education as a medium to uncover those, who when armed with knowledge will do something about it. Better to make a difference for those who are willing than wasting my time with those who never will. I want to help those who have the desire to live the happiest, healthiest, longest disease-free life they can. For these people the lifestyle changes needed are not viewed as sacrifices merely a new adventure in next chapter of their own wellness. This is what MomGonePaleo.com is supposed to be about. A source of education, access to experts, resources and I hope eventually a forum to ask questions and seek advice. Once I graduate from Nutrition School my health coaching business will be called (R)evolution Health Coach: A Health Revolution Guided by Evolution. It is through this practice I plan to educate, coach, support and guide those who WILL-DO into the healthy beautiful life of their dreams. I know it sounds corny but I can not think of anything more fulfilling.


So, if you have found this blog you are already, at the very least, seeking. Hopefully you are already doing. Living your life as an example of what healthy and happy really is. If not, then ask yourself, what can you do? What step can you take to make a difference and help turn the tide? If not for others than certainly for yourself. If you don’t know, then educate yourself and you try the many, many options listed on this blog or any of the others listed in the right sidebar of my blog. That sidebar is as long and robust as it is for a reason. I want you to read them, use them and start your own Health Revolution. Our government won’t do it, food and drug companies won’t do it, and sadly in many cases your doctor won’t do it. Contrary to what they ALL say, they have no stock in your health at all. The only one who does is you.  YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Let’s just do it.


Until Next Time,


Laura, MGP


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9 Responses to “The Top 4 Things That Really Piss Me Off (about the health and wellness of this country)”

  1. Lisa says:

    Very well written Laura. I can’t tell you how many times I am feeling overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes in this busy world to make healthy meals and then I read one of your articles and it makes me realize that even though it may be harder than driving through a fast food restaurant, it is worth it. I am still not 100% there but I am getting closer and closer. The amount of times I eat processed food is happening less frequently and my determination to be healthier is getting stronger. Thank you for your website. I don’t think I would be as far as I am today without it!

    • Momgonepaleo says:

      Wow! Thanks Lisa! That means a lot to me. I’m so proud of you and all your efforts. Keep it up!! We need to go walking soon!

  2. I found your article because another friend shared it on FB. I have to say, I couldn’t agree MORE! Your post sounds like one of my frequent rants. I too started a blog because I feel that is the least I can do to try to help others find answers and share my recipes, thoughts, and stories of improved health. My site is ggiswheatfree.wordpress.com if you’d like to stop by sometime. There is a growing and very vocal movement of people like us who are finding answers AND implementing them into our lives! It’s exciting because it’s real and has a life of its own… Though it can be frustrating when, as you said, people are given answers but refuse to do the work. I looked for answers through traditional channels for most of my life… It wasn’t until I stopped eating wheat, sugar and processed foods 6 months ago that I FOUND those answers. The book Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis was a major factor, and since then I have learned so much more. There is much work to be done to restore this country’s health through affordable access to REAL food, not just the plentiful processed toxins that happen to resemble food. Keep up the good work… And I’ll take some time later to view more of your blog. 🙂


    • Momgonepaleo says:

      Hi Gretchen! Thank you so much for your comment! Sounds like we have a lot in common. My About Me Page explains a little more about my story but i too was dealing with health issues and tradition docs were no help at all. A change in diet and lifestyle changed everything! and Wheat Belly is one of the books I recommend! I’ll definitely stop by your blog and promote it as well. Keep up the good work girl! We need every voice we can get!!!

      ~ Laura, MGP

  3. Fred Rossi says:

    Hey Laura,
    you need to tell us what you really think! keep rockin it, don’t water it down and don’t apologize for calling a duck a duck. It is great to have you on our side! You should get royalties from Paleo. Fred

  4. Manon Carbajal says:

    Great site! I’m a paleo mom who is interested in going back to school to study nutrition. So far, Bauman College is appealing. I have a friend that had a great experience at Hawthorn. What school are you attending? And, would you recommend it?


    • Momgonepaleo says:

      Hi Manon!
      So sorry for the delayed reply. I am attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition via their distance learning program. I really enjoy it. I do think you can learn a lot as long as you take the time to dive into the supplementary material. They spend a lot of time on how to build your practice and marketing. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I do wish some of that was saved until the end of the program or as a supplementary program for my personal path but I am sure for many it is very helpful. It is a program that provides information on 100 different dietary theories, many of which I do not subscribe to of course but I feel it is essential to be aware of the sheer magnitude of dietary theories out there. Some of them are just bizarre. The school says it does not advocate one diet over another and they do provide equal time for most of the nutritional thoughts out there but in my opinion there is definitely a plant based diet bias. What I do like is they encourage us to learn and decide what path makes the most sense for us. I hope it helps! I am happy to answer any other questions you have. Good luck and thanks for reading!!

  5. Whitney Canson says:

    Thanks for the concepts you share through this blog. In addition, lots of young women that become pregnant usually do not even seek to get medical care insurance because they fear they couldn’t qualify. Although a lot of states today require that insurers supply coverage no matter what about the pre-existing conditions. Prices on these kinds of guaranteed plans are usually bigger, but when thinking about the high cost of health care it may be some sort of a safer approach to take to protect a person’s financial potential.

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