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Thank You!

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It ‘s 9:17 pm here and I have spent the past 2 hours (with the patient guidence of a good friend of my brothers) working on the functionality of this blog for you. You can now click on the title of a book recommendation and it will take you to the author’s page if they have one. The Online Resources has direct links now as well.  Pretty nifty huh? Geez! What I take for granted as an online reader is much more time consuming when you are trying to build it with literally zero technology experience. Thank You to Brian for your help!

The recipes are still coming, I promise, but the functionality on that page doesn’t work for the layout I want so I have to find a way to do it.  Once again stumbling my way….. but where there is a will, Laura will find a way!

With all that said, Now I am pooped after a full day at work, running errands and working on this. But I can not go to bed without a thought for today.

That thought is about being Thankful. Thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who support me and say, “You can do it but if you struggle I will help you”  Thankful for all the people to have supported my desire to write this whether they agree with my comments or not. Thankful for my 2 great kids who put up with my ramblings about nutrition and living a healthy life when all they want to do is eat Oreo’s (haven’t bought those in a long time). Thankful that I was able to stumble, sick and tired, into this lifestyle and that it has brought me to such a happy place. Thankful that you are reading this. 🙂


Until Tomorrow…….

~ Laura,  Mom Gone Paleo



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