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It’s only 8:00pm and I am already yawning. As small a step as starting this blog may seem, it was actually a huge step for me. I got it up and running late last night and then tried to sleep knowing it wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted to to look like, feel like, etc…..I just bit the bullet and got it started…..all that ran through my mind was everything I wanted to say and do.

So, this morning I added a page of books I would recommend. I also added a page of online resources that will grow longer. I finally figured out how to add direct links to the side bar. Eureka! Technology is not my strong suite so please bare with me. I am working on my recipes page…I have some really yummy ones!

Anway, I have some big news! In addition to spending way too much time on my little bog here instead of on my day job, I enrolled as a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. A year from now I will be a Certified Health Coach!! My plan is to integrate what I learn into this Paleo Life of mine and to help others approach their own healthy lifestyle using whole foods and healthy habits!


Until tomorrow,

Laura, MomGonePaleo


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  1. Sam says:

    Nobody can accuse you of having a lack of drive. Good for you that you have such focus and purpose on your mission/blog. Good luck!

  2. momgonepaleo says:

    Hey you! LOL! Thanks for your support Sam!

  3. I’m tuned in! Go get em, girl!

  4. momgonepaleo says:

    Thanks Anita! Like I need one more thing in my life to take on, but this one means as much to me as all the others. Any feedback on how to make this better is always appreciated! Love ya!

  5. Damary Cortes says:

    Love reading the articles you post. You are inspiring me to take ownership of my health and to view the food I put into my body differently. My oldest (Melanie) is studying to become a nutritionist. She is also passonate about healthy/clean eating. I bet she would love your blog!! Good luck with your new endeavor you got my support:)

  6. momgonepaleo says:

    Thanks Damary! I am so excited for Melanie. I can’t believe she is that old already. Holy cow! I’d love to chat with her about her studies, as I will be study at the Instiute for integrative nutrition in my spare time……spare time……kind of and urban legend but I thin I can do it!

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