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As some of you may know from my last few (few being the operative word) I was pregnant with twin girls and struggling through being 42 (now 43 thanks!) and all the side effects that come with higher hormone levels and carrying all the extra weight around. Finding the energy to post anything was a huge challenge. I am now 1 month postpartum and from a fatigue point of view I have good days and bad days. Handling two is much harder than one; that is for sure! But we are learning as we go and it gets a little easier every day for the most part. Here is a quick shameless plug for just how cute they are!

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My husband and I recently opened a CrossFit Gym with a couple of partners a couple of months ago. So far things are going great, however everything is very hectic around here as you can imagine….new twin babies and a new business while still juggling the 2 teenagers I have and their schedules. I haven’t even gone back to my “real job” yet! Hey! GO BIG OR GO HOME, right?! We had our official Grand Opening event this weekend at which I gave an Intro to Paleo talk.  I want to share with you a few new observations about the Paleo Diet I learned while being pregnant and being Paleo that are relatable to just about anyone. But first a few photos of my pregnancy progression and just how big this belly got. Bear in mind, I am 5’2″ on a good day when I’m not slouching!


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I’m not a trained photographer, these were all taken with my iPhone, I apologize for the less than professional quality! Anyway, As I grew bigger and bigger I thought more and more how it may be impossible to get my “pre-babies” body back especially at my age. I hope to chronicle my successes and failures for you all in blog posts so you can all learn from my mistakes along with me. A couple of lessons already learned relevant to everyone.

  1. 80/20 or maybe 70/30% Paleo is better than 0% Paleo. I already knew this but it became even more obvious as I lived it. In an effort to add calories and carbohydrate to my pregnancy diet as required especially with twins. I can only eat so many sweet potatoes and started adding in white rice, white potatoes and oatmeal on occasion to add some variety. None of those are Paleo, but I tolerated it just fine and I still managed to keep my weight on track. When I compare pictures of myself from this pregnancy to my first 2 pregnancies (when I was 15 and 13 years younger) I gained less excess weight, retained less water, and added fewer inches to areas other than my belly. 
  2. Diet is 70% to 80% of the solution! (Depending on your metabolism) It’s true! This I also knew before I was pregnant but again, this experience brought this concept to life. The picture in the beginning of this post showing me at 37 weeks gestation and then me 4 weeks postpartum is evidence that diet alone can do wonders. Keep in mind I am not allowed to workout until I am 6-8 weeks postpartum.  My theory here is that diet helps you lose and/or maintain an ideal weight and make you look really great in clothes as well as provide a healing and healthy environment for  your body. Exercise is what helps you look good naked! It also provides a stronger body, muscle tone, better mobility, better flexibility, stress relief, cardio vascular health…..I can go on and on. But for the purpose of just losing weight, exercise alone won’t cut it. As the saying goes,”You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet”
  3. Sleep is completely underrated! I firmly believe that many of us think we can get by with 6 hours of sleep a night and function well. I knew this was untrue from personal experience but still managed to give it a try in order to accomplish more or watch that one show I DVR’d last week. Look, under the best of physical circumstances a 6 hours sleep session occasionally is fine. String too many together and you begin to function far less optimally, you get sick easier, your mood becomes irritable, YOU CRAVE CRAPPY FOOD…. When you body is under stress, any stress, not just pregnancy, sleep is even more important. Twin newborns are posing a challenge in this department but with the help of my fabulous mother during the day and mother-in-law at night, I’m getting far more than I would otherwise. Get your Z’s!

More to come as my body recovers from one of the most stressful experiences I’ve put it through. Any advice or observations are welcome but remember, Diet matters! Treat your body with love and it will love you back!


P.S. please excuse typos. I’m typing with one hand while I’m holding a baby. 😉


Until Next Time,

~ Laura, MGP

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  1. Alicia says:

    Welcome back! I have missed your posts. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Laura, twins?! Oh my…
    Congrats on the kids and the new Crossfit gym!

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