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I picked up a bag of chopped Kale at Trader Joes and decided to try a salad with it since I love the kale salad at Whole Foods. This is what I came up with based on what I had in the fridge. It came out awesome! Just the right amount of crunch, sweet and salty! Sorry for the imprecise measurements, but this is literally how I made it.

Raw Kale and Tuna Salad

-A bunch kale chopped. I removed the toughest parts of the stem and left mostly leaves.
-A big handful of shredded carrots.
-A handful of chopped walnuts.
-One small red bell pepper seeded and chopped.
-A handful of olives sliced
-One can of tuna.
-Enough olive oil to nicely cover all the Kale.
-2-3 capfuls of apple cider vinegar.
-Fresh  ground pepper and salt to taste. Taste before adding salt. The olives and vinegar maybe salty enough for you.

Clean your Kale and chop leaves removing the parts you find to tough. Toss into a big bowl and douse with olive oil and vinegar.
If you don’t have shredded carrots at your store just use a veggie peeler to create shreds and add to bowl.
Chop your bell pepper, walnuts and olives and add all to the bowl.
If using tuna in water, drain it, break it up and add it to bowl. I use a brand of tuna that is packed in olive oil and just added the whole thing to the bowl.
Add your pepper and salt to taste. Mix well
Feel free to add a bit more oil or vinegar if it appears dry.

So yummy! my daughter had 3 helpings!!!! Bet it will taste even better the next day.

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  1. Pa-Leo says:

    We had the Full FAT version on the same day …

    Bacon Wilted Kale with rendered lard and chopped onion

    In a 10″ stainless steel frying pan (lid needed later).

    1/4 lbs of uncured, ‘sans’ nitrate, locally produced bacon from cleanly raised pigs (know your source)

    one chopped medium red onion (only a few left from last year’s harvest 🙁

    a little ground pepper for zing

    2 tbls of organic lard (kept in the fridge for safe keeping after rendering about 3 lbs of organic pork fat about three weeks ago)

    after all was nicely browned and hot, then was added

    1/2 lb of chopped organic baby kale, this was tossed frequently between exchanges with lid in place.

    wilted the kale for a few minutes…

    ready to serve and enjoy–mmmmm good

    cooking in fat withdraws some nutrients and vitamins from the greens, unique to other preparation methods such as eating raw and even steaming.

    > 65 % Fat, ~ 25% Protein, < 10 % Carbs

    Thanks for letting us share

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