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I’m sitting at a trampoline park watching my kids and my nephew jump their little butts off as I ponder my next blog post. I see articles, quotes and images about New Years resolutions all over my Facebook news feed.  I am feeling a bit befuddled. There are too many things I want to accomplish. Knowing myself as well as I do, if I have too many things I want to accomplish then I often get side tracked and lose focus. At which point I accomplish only a little bit of a few things rather than one thing or two things to the fullest. In March of last year I began Mom Gone Paleo. It was not a resolution or a goal at all. It was begun as a selfish need to be heard. When I began this Paleo thing I was the only person I knew eating this way. One of very few I knew who even really thought about the nutritional content of the food I was eating and how these foods affected my body. When I would try to discuss all this, my passionate dissertations (which I now realize is what I sounded like, preachy and judgmental) fell on def ears. Most people were at least polite and pretended to listen, some were skeptical at best. I felt very alone in my choices and a little isolated. While I was surrounded by the same people I’ve known for years, somehow I felt different and it dumbfounded me that no one I was close to cared to join me in living a healthier life.

At this point it was becoming clear just how hard it is to impact someone else’s choices and behavior. I had this overwhelming need to help, to educate and to inspire others to care for themselves as much as I did. To me the answer to the majority of what ails most people can be solved just by eating nutritious healthy food. It was all so clear. Why could so many others not see this? Why would they not believe me? Or maybe it wasn’t a matter of believing (most people instinctively know that healthier food, leads to a healthier body) but a lack of any real desire to make changes that are perceived as difficult. It was also a misunderstanding of what healthy food really is, I know that for sure. Mom Gone Paleo was born when I realized I CAN NOT HELP THOSE THAT HAVE NO INTEREST IN BEING HELPED. It’s true. Just because someone may need help, does not mean they want it. I have found it to be heartbreaking to try to help those who do not want it. It wastes time and resources that I could have spent on someone who will do something beneficial with it.  I have family members I love dearly and it would mean more to me than millions and millions of dollars to see them live healthier lives. However, the last thing I want to do is spend what limited time I have to visit those I love as the “Nutrition Nazi.” Who wants to spend time with someone who they feel is judging them for every thing that passes their lips? Not I, that’s for sure. I have not given up on helping my loved ones, I am patiently waiting for the day they finally realize they need help. When they do, I will be here to love them and help them in any way I can.

For now, Mom Gone Paleo is for me and for those who are interested and willing. It serves my selfish need to help and be a part of a community of people who cares about the quality of their food and where it comes from. This is a community that wants to live as healthy as they can while still living a life they enjoy. I found a community of people like me even though we are not all in the same geographic place. This is a wonderful community of people who share ideas, recipes and advice. MGP is just a relatively new and small part of this growing movement toward personal responsibility for not only ourselves but also our world as a whole. I love that! Like any community we have our foibles the biggest of which is a little bit of snobbery. That’s right, it’s true too. There are always those who act as the Paleo police, passing judgement on just who is the most Paleo among us. Imbedded in that snobbery is judgemental-ism; implying that someone is somehow less-than because they eat cheese or quinoa. I find this nonconstructive. The more supportive rather than unsupportive we can be for each other the stronger this community will be.  WHATEVER…..we must take the good, with the not so good.

So as a member of this Paleo community my resolution (if that is what it must be called) for this year is to do the most I can to contribute to its advancement as well as the to the accessibility of it to others. As more and more grow weary of their perpetual feeling of overall crappiness and seek the antidote, I and many others stand ready to accept them. As I write this it sounds less like a resolution and more like a mission statement because there really is no end point. I have personal goals for my own health. Whether it is to finally kick my seasonal allergies once and for all or to finally be able to do 10 unassisted strict pull ups, these are on-going goals for me and I don’t  need a new year to set them. I have all sorts of goals I want to accomplish.  I want to publish my eBook that my friend Paul and I have been working on. I want to get my health coaching business up and running. It will happen because I know this life I just part of who I am now. That is what is so great about this community . It is real and it’s everlasting. It has become my unexpected mission to share it with as many people as I can through living it myself and making it a part of who I am. No resolutions here my friends, only perpetual motion with a singular path with many stops and challenges along the way that never really ends. If we all keep moving, keep sharing, keep growing the positive changes to the overall health and happiness of our world has no choice but to improve. My mission statement:

To live by example of what I believe Paleo can mean to all of us. To allow myself to be human which means making mistakes, being unique from all others and accepting the uniqueness in everyone else. To accept and help all those looking for help and committed to making the changes necessary but not to try to convert the unwilling. To do my part as a member of this community to grow it, nurture it and let others make it theirs.

Here’s to 2013!

~ Laura, MGP

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7 Responses to “Not So Much A Resolution as a Mission Statement.”

  1. Pa-Leo says:

    Happy New Year Laura,
    I’m right there with you: I think I’ve heard the term “food nazi” when visiting family and friends…yes keep going.
    I think MGP is more for you right now helps keep everything focused, and it’s going to help both youself and those who want help in the long term.

    • Momgonepaleo says:

      Thanks for your comments and support Pa-Leo! Happy New Year. I think 2013 will bring big wonderful things for our Paleo community.

  2. Alicia says:

    Happy New Year Laura!
    I love this post! I also love that you acknowledge that your goals are on going, daily and in constant motion. Each moment is a new opportunity to make changes and you are right. Through your passion and positivity, others are drawn to you and your reach will eventually be more wide reaching that you ever dreamed.

  3. Alana Morgan says:

    AMEN! Happy New Year to YOUUUUUUU!

  4. Angela says:

    I found this article while I was searching for articles about people being “paleo police” or “paleo nazis.” I completely agree with what you’ve written here, however I find it interesting that your blog links directly to Nell Stephenson’s website. I’ve seen her on Dr. Oz and recently listened to her on The Rebooted Body podcast and from what I’ve heard and read on her own blog, she is the ultimate paleo nazi. She’s adamant that salt, ghee, cured olives and meats, canned tomato paste and any “paleo treats.” They were specifically chastizing a recipe from another paleo blog and I find this completely ridiculous. Enough with these paleo police! I have been eating a real food diet now for over three years and because of people like her, I no longer call the way that I eat or design my meal plans as paleo. It has turned out much better and not as feakish if I just tell people that I choose to eat natural, real unprocessed foods.

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