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I woke up a little early this morning. I had no kids since they were with their dad last night. I was blissfully looking forward to sleeping in but the dog woke me up whining and alas could not get back to sleep. I kept thinking about a message I received from my good friend Kelly last night.

She moved away years ago so I haven’t seen her in a long time. I was unaware she was having some real recurring health problems too. In her message she said she too was seeing doctor after doctor for help, but blood test, after blood test, all they did was tell her to rest. Rest certainly helps but it wasn’t nearly the help she needed. Finally she went to a homeopath and like me, voilà! This doc was the first to talk to her about adrenal fatigue, she finally had the tools she needed and made big dietary changes. Not only does she feel amazing, as an added bonus, she lost 15 lbs! My experience with the traditional medical community was the same. It’s as though if it can’t be fixed with a pill or a treatment that fits into an insurance medical billing code, it must not be treatable.

Her story, so much like mine, got me thinking. Our modern lifestyles are absolutely ridiculous. The stress levels we are living with are unacceptable. Our bodies just aren’t meant to deal with chronic stress like this. You add that to the fact that we get too little sleep, take too many medicines to cover up how crappy we feel and make our food choices based on convenience rather than nutrition. Unhealthy foods ARE AN ADDED STRESS! No wonder by the time we hit 40 we hit a brick wall!

At some point we need to make a choice. A choice to fix it! A choice not to just accept what is accepted. A choice to make the changes in your life necessary to get it back. Oh, I know we all have a life, but how good is it? Can it be better? Can it be AWESOME? Choose to be awesome!! Why not? Why feel anything less than that if it is within your power to? I promise you it is.

We all have that freedom of choice, maybe that is part of our problem. Unfortunately it is easier to make the convenient choice rather than the awesome choice. Or maybe some don’t know what the awesome choice is? That is because the producers of those foods and goods make it very easy to make the wrong choice, as does our governmental policy decisions and subsidies.(that is a whole post unto itself) We don’t have direct control over what food companies bring to market. We DO have direct control over whether we buy them. The choice to buy something and eat something is your choice. Make your choice with purpose! In order for this to change we need to take a real stand.

That stand needs to be taken with our almighty dollars! NOTHING SPEAKS LOUDER! Nothing! Producers of the foods that make us sick will no longer make them if we are not buying them!! If they can’t make enough money to produce it, they won’t make it. Here’s a thought, if there are fewer and fewer of us requiring medical treatment will the cost of that treatment still be so high? I’m thinking supply/demand economics here. The only way to bring down healthcare costs is to need it less often.

If the traditional medical community loses patients to natural heathcare providers, will more of those doctors seek training and education in natural care? Will doctors be less likely to just write a prescription and ask a few more questions? Dig a little deeper and work a little harder to find a way to make a living by keeping us healthy rather than just when we get sick?

I’ve made my choice. Kelly made hers. Where I spend my money is my stand, including the money I spent to start this little blog. It is time to make yours. It is a personal choice that only you have the right to make for yourself. My choice was Paleo, yours may be different and that is OK. Just make a choice that makes you feel good, instead of tired and sick. A choice that makes you feel happy instead of stressed out and anxious.  Make your choice, take your stand. What are you waiting for? Not feeling quite crappy enough yet? Don’t wait to feel so crappy you have no choice like I did.  There are plenty of us out here who want to help, so don’t be afraid to ask. Go out and find your happy instead of crappy!

Until next time,

~ Laura, Mom Gone Paleo.

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