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Some feed back I have received has been questions on how to find stuff on here, so here are a few tips.

1. The Home page lists my most recent posts first. This is where you can just catch up on latest rants, articles and new recipes in order of most recent.

2. The right sidebar is where I have provided links to all the great resources I found during my Paleo journey and still use. I have listed each link under various categories to help you know what to expect from each one. Use them! They are awesome or I wouldn’t have put them on there. I have no affiliate relationships with any of them unless stated up front or it looks like an ad of some kind.

3. My most popular posts are by far the recipes. They are also the most common google searches that lead people to my site. I have a separate tab at the top of the page that lists nothing but recipes, feel free to browse. You can also use the search function to search for a specific recipe. You can also browse by category like breakfast or baked goods. You can also click on a tag in the tag box on my side bar to look for more specific categories like eggs or coconut for example.

4. The Paleo According to Laura Page is an easy quick reference for those seeking basic guidelines. I wrote it for the many people I encounter who tell me they just want me to tell them what to eat and really have no interest in why’s and how’s. THIS IS A BASIC GUIDELINE APPROPRIATE FOR MOST PEOPLE, HOWEVER EVERY BODY HAS IT’S OWN NUANCES SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO PRINCIPLE NUMBER 5!!

5. Please comment or ask questions if you have something to say or are curious. Being an anonymous and quiet surfer is fine, but we need every voice to be heard if we are going to turn this freight train to chronic disease and depression around so speak up and ask questions!!

6. Subscribe! I am not a daily poster. You will not get bombarded with posts on a daily basis. You will receive any recipe I post right in your inbox and will only get an article if I think it is relevant. This is not a forum for me to just bloviate and or promote a product or service. If you find this stuff interesting, subscribe!! My Facebook page is a little more active so that is an option too. Or heck, join both! 😉

7. If you are a fellow health and wellness nut and have your own blog or site with similar beliefs, let me know. I am happy to help promote you to move this movement to better health and happier people forward. It is going to take masses and masses of the little people to push over the giants and for our government hear us! We need to support each other to raise our voices even louder!


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4 Responses to “How To Use This Site”

  1. RAndall says:

    can i eat pumpkin seeds????

  2. Sara Poupada says:

    what kind of non dairy cheese can i eat??

    • Momgonepaleo says:

      I have not found a good non dairy cheese alternative. Most of the stuff on the market is made with yucky ingredients like soy, are highly processed and taste like crap. If you are avoiding dairy because you are allergic or sensitive to it like me you just have to get used to living without it. If you are just trying to avoid it but tolerate it you are better off allowing yourself an occasional indulgence. Just make sure that indulgence is of the full fat, organic variety. If you can get it raw and unpasturized then thats even better.

      You can make a cream cheese or ricotta cheese alternative using ground cashews and other nuts combined with some sort of acid like apple cider vinegar and some salt. There are many recipes out there. If you google “vegan cream cheese recipe” several will pop up.

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