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This is my first blogging experience ever! I just started it tonight! My name is Laura and I am a single mother of 2 children. I have spent that past few years struggling with a full time career, full time kids, and trying not to lose myself and my health in this crazy life we can lead as parents

This blog will become the place where I share everything I learn living Paleo. And let’s be honest, everything I struggle with living Paleo.

Why did I chose to live Paleo? Because I have been living with the chronic stress of being a single mom, managing a full time career and managing 2 VERY busy athletic kids. I’ve been divorced for almost 8 years now and after a while all the stress of my lifestyle, my poor (as they appear now) diet choices, and crazy workout habits finally ran me into the ground. I was sick….no doubt about it. But conventional doctors could not help…..I went to several. I was taking more medicine than anyone should feel comfortable with including anti-anxiety meds. I read book after book, saw doc after doc and took drug after drug. It wasn’t unil I went to see a natural health practioner who put me on a very special diet (a candida cleanse) that I got better……a lot better. Then of course, as I felt better, I started adding back in the foods I omitted and you know what….. my symptoms started to come back. It was through reading and surfing the internet that I found the Paleo/Primal diet, but not just the diet, the way of life.

This is where I start my blog. I plan to share every book I’ve read and what I found helpful about it. I will share every website that I think anyone interested in knowing more about Paleo should check out. I will share links to research and other blogs that you may find helpful. I will share recipes, shopping ideas and links to hard to find resources.

Most importantly I will share anything that makes living Paleo in this modern world not only do’able, but easier than you think.

Until tomorrow…..

~ Laura

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  1. Patricia Puglisi says:

    Hi sweetie. It’s always nice to have your children follow at least some of your advice. I should probably preface this by stating that I am NOT against physicians or the medical community. I firmly believe one should use all the resource as one’s disposal – but in the proper time and place. When Laura began suffering from a number of ailments, she tried a lot of things, almost all medical. While they helped alleviate some of the problems, unfortunately, they created other difficulties. They did buy her time though, time to look for other resources. Being me, I nagged her to pay attention to what and how she was eating. I also recommended that she find a good chiroprator, as well as learning mediation to help her de-stress. I suggested she take matters into her hands, discover what worked and what didn’t for herself. And, she did, with a vengenance!

    The difficulty that we all have is that we often do not know ourselves well enough to take control. No one but you truly knows exactly how you feel. No one but you initially knows you’re out of kilter from dozens of potential reasons. Frankly, most people don’t want to know or they “don’t have the time.” It seems to be a lot easier to not pay attention until one is seriously ill. Laura went after knowledge before she was seriously ill. It will take time to get rid of the chronic problems, but she’s on her way to doing it.

    I can’t and won’t say I follow a paleo lifestyle, mine works for me. But – I do pay attention to myself. And most of the time I even follow my own advice.:) If you are having problems with stress, chronic problems of various types, heavy stress etc – it would probably pay hefty dividends if you did study much if not all of what Laura has been researching. At the very least you’d be much for educated about what you’re eating and it’s effects.

  2. momgonepaleo says:

    Wow! My first comment! Thanks for all your love and support and always encouraging me to find my own way.

  3. Laurie Rosenbaum says:

    Hi Laura~
    Thanks so much for sharing your initial Blog #1 with me!. And, how exciting to begin your journey into the fascinating, timely and beneficial world of studying, researching and especially, living such a healthy life. Especially poignant after the journey and quest you have been on from a personal perspective.

    As you know, I come from a traditional medical background but I have certainly come to increasingly embrace the less conventional modalities over the past 20 years—some based on ancient practices such as yoga, meditation and massage, and much of the newer information largely based on available, modern research and science. Not to mention the whole field of neuroscience and integrative medicine, both of which I believe have nicely combined the best of Eastern and Western medicine. Each has also helped us to realize what a huge connection there is between mind and body. I have loved being part of this evolution, still appreciating aspects of both sides. What I really find fascinating is how powerful and valuable the current and rapidly expanding body of knowledge is relating NUTRITION to physical health, mental health and well being!

    All of this is to really say, Laura–Way to go! I know how deeply passionate you are about this entire field of study. You “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” and I know you will be highly effective in your endeavor and “life”. as a teacher, mentor, coach and business woman! Your blog is wonderful and, especially after talking with you yesterday, puts into motion the realization of your dream. It will be highly valued and read and I look forward to lots of discussions with and learning from you. Love, Laurie

    PS You are already motivating me!

  4. momgonepaleo says:

    Thank you so much for your support Laurie! Thank you for the time and thought you put into your post and for always listening!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to put together this blog, a place where you can share your experiences and all of the research you have done on your journey towards this lifestyle.
    The mindfulness movement is a big one in psychology, being aware of self, being aware of your surroundings, and being in the moment. Listening to your mind (intuition), body, and heart and taking control of what you can and changing what you can are the keys to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. You should be very proud that you were able to do this and now have the tools to educate others. We are very lucky to get this information from you.
    Best of luck as you begin your blogging journey….I am so excited to see where it leads you (and us with you).

  6. momgonepaleo says:

    Thanks Alicia! i’m excited to get started and would love to have your comapny on this journey. I am sure we could all use your perspective as well coming from your background and training as psychologist. Thanks for taking the time, I know all those kids keep you very busy!!

  7. Mark Puglisi says:

    Cool blog, Laura! I have found that putting your energy into something you love is a big key to happiness. It looks like you have found your happy. Love you, sis!

    • momgonepaleo says:

      Hi Bro! Thank you and Love you too! I just wrote another post. I’d appreciate any feedback on the writing. You are good with words and if there is something I can word better, I’d love some ideas. And yes, I have found my happy. 😉 XOXO

  8. Kim Gorab says:

    Great blog, Laura! And congrats on your upcoming educational journey as well. How exciting!!!

    You will no doubt inspire us all to move the needle closer and closer to “healthy and happy”. Some days, it seems, we are miles away… Silly country with our boxed dinners and 60-hr work weeks.

    I can’t wait to continue reading!

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