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I can’t even tell you how yummy this came out and it is a total breeze. Matt doesn’t like sauerkraut but he will eat cabbage. This cabbage is a great side dish or just about anything. Think pork chops, grilled chicken, corned beef…..yum!


  • A package of brats ( pastured or humanely raised preferred)
  • 1/2 head of green cabbage ( you can use a whole head but It’s just the 3 of us, and it seemed like a little too much. Organic preferred)
  • 1 small sweet onion
  • 3 garlic cloves or a generous sprinkle of garlic powder
  •  lots of butter!
  • sea salt and pepper (be liberal with it. Cabbage need salt.)

That’s it. I have mushrooms in the photo because I thought I was going to use them but changed my mind.

Pre heat the grill to get it hot. While the grill is warming, slice your head of cabbage in half. Place the half you are going to use with the flat side down. Slice from the outside in on both sides into relatively thin strips until you get to the core. Once you get the hard core in the center stop.

Slice the onion in strips as well. Once all veggies are sliced, melt about 4 tbs of butter in a LARGE saute pan on medium heat. (you may want to add more butter later just for yumminess) Add your cabbage and onion in the pan together. Go ahead and get your brats on. As the cabbage begins to cook down add garlic, sea salt and pepper (start with maybe a tsp of salt but be prepared to add more) As the cabbage continues to cook down, check your brats. (I am going to assume you know how to grill a brat) Stir the cabbage and onions every once in a while just to allow for even cooking. Once the cabbage softens (maybe 4-5 minutes later, turn the heat up a bit to get the cabbage and onion to carmelize. Taste here and add more sea salt if needed. You want the cabbage to have that wilted yet still slightly crunchy texture. The taste is slightly sweet, slightly salty with a touch of garlic. Um, Um, Um

As you can tell from the first photo I cut the brats into slices and served them on top of the cabbage. The brats have a bit of a savory, spicy kick that is a nice contrast to the sweet ‘n salty cabbage and sweet onions.   It was a yummy dinner. Brats and cabbage with the Paleo Pizza to nibble on too! The brats and cabbage took me 25 minutes. Piece of cake! (figure of speech!)


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