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Sea Bass is one of my favorite cuts of fish. The kids love it too. It is on the more expensive side so we don’t eat it everyday or anything but it is so delicious. That wonderful buttery flavor and texture……ummmm!! This recipe is so easy, I almost hate to call it a recipe and it is next to impossible to screw it up!



  • Enough wild caught Sea Bass portions for everyone you are feeding.
  • Enough of your favorite veggies for everyone. (I used broccoli, green beans and sugar snap peas
  • Several tbs of grass-fed butter. I recommend Kerrygold, it is relatively easy to find.
  • Fresh lemon sliced into thin rounds (optional)
  • Sea salt and either regular pepper or lemon pepper to taste.

Preheat the oven to 425 

 Butter the bottom of a large enough baking dish to accommodate the number of sea bass cuts you have as well as a generous portion of veggies. You are going to bake them together. 

Season both sides of the fish and place in the baking dish. I used sea salt and lemon pepper because I ran out of fresh lemon. If you have a fresh lemon, season with sea salt and pepper then place a lemon round on top of each portion. (You can use what ever herbs you like, this is just simple and doesn’t over take the flavor of the sea bass.)


Place a dot of butter on the top of each portion and place whatever veggies you like around the fish. Cut the veggies if necessary to fit around the fish. I cut the broccoli and left the snap peas and green beans whole.

I like to cover the fish completely in veggies then dot more butter on top of the veggies. Season the veggies with a little more salt and lemon pepper or salt and pepper and a couple more lemon rounds.

Cover the dish tightly with aluminum foil.

Bake for 25 minutes. Mine were thick portions. If you yours are thinner you can probably bake for just 20 minutes.

I can not express just how delicious this turns out every time. The sea bass is always moist and flavorful. The veggies absorb the butter and lemon flavors. It is honestly hard to screw it up. I guess you can over cook it, but the lemony buttery goodness of the sauce this produces would taste good on a tennis shoe so proceed with complete confidence! This whole recipe took about 40 minutes including cook time. 15 minutes to prep and 25 minutes to cook. Voila! Dinner is done!

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6 Responses to “Baked Sea Bass with Veggies. More lemony buttery goodness!”

  1. Damary Cortes says:

    Laura you would be proud, tonight we were insync. I made tilapia baked in organic butter, seasoned with herbs, garlic and fresh lemon rounds. With a side of asparagus sauteed in organic butter and fresh garlic, seasoned in sea salt and pepper. To paraphrase you it was lemony and buttery goodness. Hahaha:)


  2. Leane says:

    Sounds yum…do you think this would work with halibut?

  3. Hailey M. says:

    I used this recipe tonight with real lemons and it was AMAZING! It was my first time eating sea bass and it was so delicious! Thanks for posting!


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